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Ivy's Teddy Bear First Birthday Party


My sweet little Ivy has turned one, and of course we had to have a little get together to celebrate.  We went for a pink teddy bear theme, as it just seemed the perfect way to represent our little cutie.

Venue and decorations

We had the party at a nice big church hall with lots of space for the kiddies to run around.  I found lots pink teddy bear and first birthday banners and decorations at an online party shop and used photos of Ivy for the rest of the decorations.  I made a photo collage of Ivy's cake smash and another collage of all of Ivy's weekly photos.  I also had teddy bear cut outs and put a photo of Ivy from each month on one.

Activities and Crafts

I set up three different craft tables, all of things that the children could make and then wear and take funny photos in front of our photo frame set up.

The first craft table was to make teddy bear ears.  I found these teddy bear ear cut outs on Free Crafts Kids and printed out a set for each of the children, and set out some crayons, glue and a pipe cleaner to stick them onto.

The second craft table was to decorate some teddy bear bows.  I printed and cut out some bow shapes for each of the children and put out some crayons for them to colour them in, as well as glue and a stick to attach it to.  The third craft table was to decorate some heart shaped glasses with stickers to wear for photos.

We also brought some toys to play with like our play tent, tunnel and letter and number mats.  Of course we also brought our bubble machine, Ivy loves bubbles!!!

I also set up a Pin the Bow on the Teddy Bear game for the children to play.  I printed out a large outline of a teddy bear shape and a bow for each of the children with their name on it.  I had a blindfold (actually just a simple sleep mask) there for the children to use (if they were comfortable to, I also suggested that they could just close their eyes if they preferred) to then turn around 3 times and try to put the bow on the bear's head or collar.


It wasn't difficult to find lots of different food to go with our teddy bear theme.  A quick trip to the grocery store and I found teddy bear shaped cakes, cookies, gummy bears, and bear crisps.  We added to that by making some teddy bear cupcakes, decorated with chocolate buttons and jelly beans as well as some Teddy Graham S'more Pops that I came across on Tastes of Lizzy T's.

I set up a table for the children to sit with the themed plates and napkins as well as a juice box, a yogurt tube and a bottle of water labelled with their name and teddy bear stickers.  

Along with all of the teddy bear themed treats I made some little sandwiches and put out a few healthy options like clemintines and carrot sticks, but really I knew that the kids would be eating most of the snacks first (the healthy bits were just there to keep the Mommies happy!)

Party Favours

The party ended with lots of happy children full of sugar (sorry!) and hopefully full of fun ready to go home with a new friend.  I decided for this party not to go with the traditional party bag, but to give a big teddy bear as a party favour instead.  It went perfectly with our theme and is appropriate for any age, so it seemed the perfect choice!

We had a lovely day celebrating Ivy, and now we're ready to start the second year of her life with lots of fantastic memories of all the fun that we had at her birthday and for the past year.  My darling baby girl is growing up far too fast, but we have to move on and look forward to the next milestones that life brings us!

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