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Trunki Yondi - Review


We recently went to Cape Town (from London) on a 12 Hour Flight, and I was searching beforehand for anything to make that flight a little bit easier.  The lovely people at Trunki offered to send us a Yondi to try on our travels.  The Yondi is a travel pillow with a difference!  It comes in several different cute designs, Ethan chose the monkey, which suits him perfectly!  It has magnets in the front, so that it comes together and doesn't slip off if he leans his head forward onto it.

Ethan really struggles to sleep anywhere but in his own bed, as he just can't get comfortable, so it's nice to have a travel pillow that makes it a bit easier for him.  It gives us different options of ways to help him to fall asleep, and helps him to stay asleep and supported. 

We keep the Yondi in the car now, and if we go on a long car ride we've got it there for Ethan to use whenever he needs it.  It also helps to get him into the sleeping mode, we've got all of our routines at home for naps and bedtime, which can be difficult to replicate on the go, so now it is part of our travel sleep routine.  He can wear the Yondi, and I can tell him a story, say goodnight and then he feels ready to sleep.  It helps that it's so cute and cosy, so even if he doesn't have it around his neck he can hold it and give it a big cuddle!

* This is a review post, we were sent a Trunki Yondi to try out on our travels and to write an honest review. *

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