3 years old

Sorting Winter Clothes


It is starting to get really cold out, so today we dug out all of our winter scarves, mitts and hats.  Of course a boring activity like this is made a lot more fun with a 9 month old and a 3 year old helping me along!

Ivy was busily digging through the box of winter accessories, happily pulling out all of the different gloves and scarves, exploring the different textures with her hands and with her mouth (of course!) While Ethan and I sorted everything out.  We sorted first by what everything was, putting all the hats in one basket, all the scarves in another and all of the gloves in a third.  After that we sorted again, by whose accessory it was, with a basket each for Daddy, Mommy, Ethan and Ivy.  Ethan was great at identifying everything and sorted it all out without any help from me!

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