3 years old

Simple Snowflake Craft


I am finding more and more that with a toddler's short attention span and a baby that doesn't nap for very long I need to find crafts that are quick and easy to do.  So today we made some simple snowflakes with lolly / popsicle sticks and pom poms.

It is so easy to do, but also great for Ethan to follow instructions and lay out the lolly sticks in the same pattern that I was demonstrating for him.  He was able to put a dot of glue on each stick before placing the next one on.

I was quite insistent that he place the sticks in a particular pattern, but when it came to the pom poms I just let him stick them wherever he liked.  Then when the glue was dry we tied on some string and they're ready to hang up around the house or on the Christmas tree as decorations.

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  1. Those came out lovely! I think they'd look great hanging on the tree too!


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