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Mr Men Lunch at Beefeater Grill - Launch Event and Review


Today we went for a special Mr Men launch lunch at the Beefeater Grill.  They have new kids meals with a new Mr Men and Little Miss theme and we were lucky enough to try them out today, and have a few extra little surprises thrown in.

We arrived to see Alan Hargreaves giving a drawing lesson, teaching all the kids how to draw Mr Bump and Mr Tickle!  Ethan was too shy to join in as we had just arrived, but we were able to bring a book up to Mr Hargreaves to sign after he had finished, which was very exciting (for me, Ethan was still very shy!)

Next we got to meet Mr Tickle and Little Miss Sunshine!  This was exciting for Ethan and Ivy, as they both love big characters...not enough to stand still for me to get a good photo, but that's a completely different story!  So instead I'm sharing the family portrait that I made on the Beefeater website.

Then it was time for lunch, Beefeater give out Mr Men and Little Miss magazines and activity books for the children to read and colour in while they wait for their food, which is great. There were also stickers in side, which Ethan loved and covered himself with!

Ethan had 'Mr Small's Little Cod Bites' and Ivy had 'Little Miss Trouble's Tomato Penne Pasta' and they both really enjoyed their meals.  As you can imagine, for Ivy's first kids meal in a restaurant she made quite the mess, sauce and pasta were everywhere!  But they both really enjoyed themselves at the event, ate a nice lunch and were tired out from all the excitement and slept the whole way home.  

* This is a review post, Beefeater Grill invited us to their launch event so that we could try out their new Mr Men children's menu and write an honest review. *

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