3 years old

Firework Pictures


Bonfire Night is only a few days away, so we've been making some firework pictures!  We went for a few simple and traditional methods, that are just colourful and fun to make.  First we used chalk on dark paper to draw some fireworks.

Ethan really enjoyed using these Crayola chalks as they have pointed tips making them easier to draw with, I think that it's quite an fun way to draw as it's so smooth on the paper.  We even experimented a little bit with smudging the chalk on the paper to make the fireworks fade at the sides.

Next we used some glitter glue to draw fireworks on dark paper.  I drew a few holding Ethan's hand with him and showing him how to squeeze and draw at the same time.  Then let him have a go, and he did really well.

It makes a lovely looking picture, and it's great for his fine motor control to get those fingers working and squeezing and smooshing in preparation for learning to write when he's a bit older.

Our last firework masterpieces were made using this Elmer's glitter paint, this one comes in a tube with a brush at the end.  It was much easier for Ethan to squeeze, which meant that he used the entire tube all at once!

It turned out really nice though, Ethan was able to squeeze, dab and spread the paint around all with this one glitter paint tube.  It's going to take forever to dry as he's put it on so thick, but eventually all of Ethan's lovely firework pictures are going to look lovely up on the fridge!

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