3 years old

Dinosaur Footprints


Lately we've been having lots of fun playing with dinosaurs!  Ethan loves them, and he was lucky enough to get lots of dinosaur toys, games and books for his birthday.  

We decided to use some of his new dinosaur toys to make footprints in salt dough that we made.  We used our basic salt dough recipe to make the dough (2 parts flour, 2 parts water, 1 part salt) mixed it all up, rolled it out and started stamping!

Ethan and I chose a few dinosaurs with different shapes and sizes of feet, then he stamped them in the dough.  It was great because he could just roll it and out and start again when he ran out of space.  We also tried stamping different parts of the dinosaurs to make 'fossils' and that gave me the opportunity to teach Ethan a bit more about how we've learned everything that we know about dinosaurs.  Once Ethan had done his very best footprints we left the salt dough to dry overnight, and now that it's hard Ethan can use it to match up with the different dinosaurs that he used.

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