3 years old

Glowing Rocket Fireworks


It's almost Bonfire Night, and we're getting ready by making all sorts of firework crafts!  Ethan's at a stage now where he really likes to make things that he can play with, so today we went for a spin on the traditional rocket craft, and made them with glow sticks!

Cardboard tubes 
(I used a thicker tube from wrapping paper, but of course toilet roll or paper towel rolls would work too)
Card cut into a circle for the top
Colours to decorate 
(we used markers, too impatient to let paint dry today)
Washi tape
Glow sticks

First Ethan decorated the cardboard tubes with markers, he drew some fireworks exploding on the side of them!  Next I cut some yellow card (Ethan's choice of colour) into a circle, then cut a slit halfway down and folded it over to make a cone shape for the top of the rockets.  We stuck the tops on with clear tape (a lot of it to make sure it was secure!)  Next we stuck on the glow sticks with some nice washi tape, again we made sure to use a lot so that they would stay on.

Then we had to wait for it to get dark, so that we could play with our rockets!  Unfortunately it was really cold and rainy out by the time it was dark, so we couldn't take our rockets outside today, but we did have fun playing with them inside.  We turned off all the lights, clicked and shook the glow sticks, and Ethan did a countdown from 10, then his rockets blasted off, all the way up into the air!  

He had so much fun throwing the rockets up, again and again.  And they actually survived all of that throwing, so we may put some fresh glow sticks in another day and try outside.  But for tonight we took our still glowing sticks out and used them in the tub for a glowy bath, Ethan and Ivy both loved it!

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