9 months old

Autumn Discovery Bottles


We made some Autumn Discovery Bottles for Ivy, so that she could join in all of the fun that Ethan and I have been having with our autumn crafts.  Now whenever we're doing something up at the table, Ivy is able to explore and play with her bottles.  

Ethan helped me to make the bottles for Ivy, and even decided what would go in each one. Our first bottle has conkers in it, that Ethan collected and put in the bottle for Ivy.

She loves to play with it and shake it to make a great sound.  It's also fun to roll around and watch the conkers move and fall from one side to the other.

Our next bottle is full of autumn leaves!  This is another one that Ethan collected for me, finding lots of colourful leaves from our garden to put in the bottle for Ivy to play with.
Unfortunately Ivy doesn't get to experience the crunching sensation of the leaves, which is the best part I think.  But any time we have let her play in the leaves, she just tries to put them in her mouth!  So this is a much safer way for her to be able to explore the beautiful colours of the autumn leaves.

Our last bottle is filled with water, to look like the colours of autumn.  I asked Ethan what colour we should make it, and he said orange!  So I filled the bottle with water and added a bit of oil, just to give it a more interesting effect.  Then Ethan added some red and yellow food colouring to make it orange.  We also added some glitter and leaf confetti, just for fun.

Ivy really loves to roll this one around and watch the confetti as it floats through the water. She also likes to shake it and see what happens as the water and oil swirl around.  It's so much fun to watch her play with these bottles as she really has figured out all the ways that they do different things and how to interact with each one.

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