2 1/2 years old

Super Fruit!


Today we created our own superhero, he's called SuperFruit! We were inspired by the Plum Baby Mighty Moments competition through Tots100. They are challenging bloggers to create a healthy superhero!  Ethan and I had great fun brainstorming ideas about superheros, what a superhero is and what healthy food is, then thought about what our superhero should be like.  Ethan loves superheros, Spiderman, Batman and Superman are his favourites.  I am also lucky that he's quite a healthy eater, he loves to eat fruit, but isn't a huge fan of vegetables.  So it wasn't surprising when it came time to choose a name for his superhero that he decided on SuperFruit!

We found a squishy apple toy to be SuperFruit's body, then made him a mask and a cape as his costume.  Ethan said that he needed a 'Batman symbol' but since he's not Batman, we had to think of his own symbol to represent him.  Ethan decided that his symbol should be a grape!  So we both drew some grapes on felt and I cut them out to attach to SuperFruit's chest and his cape.

Then we had to think about SuperFruit's super powers, Ethan decided that he:

  • can find buried treasure without digging (must be all that healthy food giving him excellent vision)
  • can fly (strong healthy bones!)
  • can make the best smoothies with all the fruits
  • can help people to eat healthy food
The Daddy says he looks like a ninja turtle, but I think that he looks great!

* This is our entry into the Plum Baby Mighty Moments challenge *

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  1. He does look like a Ninja turtle - but that just makes him cooler! I think being able to find treasure without digging is an excellent super-power :)


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