2 1/2 years old

Making Portuguese Tarts for Nursery


Ethan is starting nursery soon, we're nearing the end of his settling in sessions, and he will start his proper sessions next week.  His nursery is really lovely, every month they have different topics they cover, a colour of the month and a country of the month.  This month the country is Portugal, and today is the day they dress up in Portuguese clothes (or colours of the flag) and can bring in Portuguese food.  We decided that it would be fun to bake something every month and bring it in to school.  It's still not easy to do baking with both Ethan and Ivy, as Ivy does need a lot of attention while she's teething, so I needed a really simple recipe.  I asked the lovely Filipa of Gourmet Mum, and she suggested using ready rolled puff pastry and custard from a carton, perfectly simple, and to base the method on this BBC Good Food recipe.

Ethan was very excited to make something for nursery (an added bonus, it's made him very excited about going into nursery today, after a tough session on Tuesday this may really help).  It was nice to make a really simple recipe with him, he was able to help with all of the steps.  We sat at the table together, rolled up the puff pastry, then cut it into slices.  Then Ethan used the rolling pin to flatten the slices and pressed them into the tray.  He was then able to pour the custard in and we put they tray into the oven to bake for 20 minutes.  They look really good, hopefully his nursery friends will like them!

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