4 months old

Baby Selfies


I have made an incredible discovery...baby's love selfies!  With Ethan we always had mirrors that he loved to look in and admire himself, and of course Ivy loves to do the same.  So I thought, I wonder if she'd like to see herself in the camera on my iPhone, and of course she does!  We were laying on the mat beside each other and I held my phone up and flipped the camera around so she could see herself, she loved it and started cooing and giggling at her image.  It was great because it gave me a chance to snap photos and make videos of her being so cute!

I could also focus on different facial features for her to look at, and include myself in the frame so that I could make funny faces at her to make her giggle.  This kept us busy for ages!  I know that sometimes we worry about using technology with children from too young an age, but this has just made my day!  We are simply taking mirror play to the next level, and we're loving it!

Now, I want to see your baby selfies!  Tweet me @PlayLearnToday and tag it #babyselfies and I'll make a gallery here and on Pinterest to share our adorable baby selfies with the world.  This cuteness is too much to keep to ourselves!

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