2 1/2 years old

Football Skills


With the World Cup starting we're getting very into football, and training Ethan up for the 2030 England team! It's a great excuse to get him outside and running around as part of his Physical Development.

We have several different footballs already, so we got Ethan a football net to practice scoring goals! We found a really simple pop up goal that easily folds away from Tesco, but you can get a similar one from Amazon.  Ethan loves kicking the ball into the net, and standing in goal to try to block me from getting the ball in. (I lie, he doesn't really get this part, he thinks that he's meant to open his legs for the ball to go 'through the tunnel' lol, I may have accidentally taught him this by trying to let him win when I'm in the goal!) 

We also got some cones, I set them up spread out in a line for Ethan to weave in and out with the ball. He's surprisingly good at it, but sometimes gets bored and just picks up the ball and runs to the net! He also made up his own game where he lines up the cones in the net and tryies to kick the ball and knock them down. This is his favourite game by far, he's having so much fun playing it and picking up his own skills along the way. 

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