4 months old

Wrist rattles


One of the things that I find tricky about having a baby and a toddler is keeping each one busy while I'm with the other. Potty training Ethan means that I have to put Ivy down quite a bit, so I need simple toys to keep her entertained. Something that she always loves to play with is her wrist rattles. They're so easy to pop on her wrists and then she entertains herself as they rattle when she waves her arms around.

These were a gift, (but there are some lovely ones from Lamaze that you can buy on Amazon) and Ivy really does love them.  Even a couple of months ago she was happy as soon as I popped them on her.  It's probably a combination of the sound and connection of cause and effect when she moves her hands around.  The only problem is when she falls asleep wearing them and then wakes herself up!

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