2 1/2 years old

Crazy Clay Giraffe


When I worked as a teacher (before Ethan and Ivy were born) one of my favourite materials to give the children to create with was this Crayola Model Magic (also called Crayola Air Dry Clay).  It is not as messy as clay, you don't need water to keep it pliable, it dries quickly and is less breakable when dry, and it's more of a spongy texture than clay or other play dough.  
Anyway, I completely forgot all about it, until I randomly bought a 'crazy clay' kit to make key chains from the pound shop.  I had no idea what crazy clay was, but the kit looked cute.  To my surprise, it is a very similar material to model magic, and the kits come with a couple of different colours (so have a look in your local pound shop for it!)

I decided that this was the perfect material to make a giraffe for this months Get Your Craft on Challenge.  So we looked at some of our giraffe toys for inspiration, then chose which materials we would need.  We used our yellow crazy clay to make the giraffe's body and head, then found loads of other bits to create our lovely giraffe.

Ethan is getting very good at rolling out play dough, so he was confidently able to make the head and the body of the giraffe in perfect 'fat sausage' shapes.  Then we used yellow lolly sticks for the long neck and four legs, they stuck into the clay easily and were a bit wobbly, but once the clay dried (overnight) they stayed firmly in place.  We used googly eyes and yellow pipe cleaners for the eyes, ears and horns (ossicones).  We also used a piece of pipe cleaner for the giraffe's tail.  Then for the giraffe's spots we stuck on some gemstones and drew some with a brown marker (we had run out of brown paint, otherwise we would have painted them).  I think he turned out really well, he's a very cute little giraffe that Ethan was able to make all by himself!

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  1. LOVE this!!! Thank you for joining in with this month's #getyourcrafton over on kidschaos.com x

  2. Replies
    1. thank you, Ethan is so excited that his little giraffe won :)

  3. These are SOOOOO cute!! Did you see that you WON June's #GetYourCraftOn challenge? Well done :-)

    1. yes, we can't believe it! That little giraffe is a big success :)

  4. How adorable! Congrats on winning June's #Getyourcrafton x

  5. Fan entry to last months #getyourcrafton Well done on winning!


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