17 months old

Science Museum


Today we went to the Science Museum.  We have taken Ethan once before, but he was only about 9 months old and napped for part of the time we were there.  It was very different this time, with him walking around and able to explore things himself.  It was very busy (as it's a Saturday) so we went straight down to the basement.  I knew there was a water play area down there (The Garden), but unfortunately it was flooded, so we explored the other areas.

We saw one area about switches around the home, so we knew that would be a hit!  Ethan just had so much fun walking around, pressing all the buttons and picking up the phones to hear the recordings.  We then went to explore the Web Lab, which Ethan enjoyed again because of the buttons to press, headphones to listen to and touch screens to play with.  Finally we went to watch the Bubble Show, Ethan loves bubbles and it was interesting for us to watch as well, with all the different gases and experiments with bubbles.  A fantastic day out, lots to see and do even for a child as young as Ethan.  We'll definitely be going back there, so much to learn and develop Ethan's Knowledge and Understanding of the World.

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