17 months old

Making Crispy Nests for Easter


Today we made crispy nests for Easter.  It was our first attempt at "baking" together.  I thought we'd start simple, basically just stirring!

I got Ethan to help me to break up the chocolate (while in the packet) and while I melted the chocolate and gave him a bowl, spoon and some cornflakes to play with.  When it was ready I poured the chocolate and more cornflakes into the bowl and we stirred it up together.  Of course the temptation was just too much, and he had to try some chocolate covered cornflakes (his first bite of chocolate!) and then I had him help me to scoop the mix into cupcake cases and we placed a few mini eggs on each one.  It was really fun to prepare food with him, he was so interested in the whole process (especially the taste testing).  It was great for his Knowledge and Understanding of the World, learning to prepare food and opens up a whole new world of activities that we can do together.

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