17 months old

Decorating an Easter Hat


Today we decorated an Easter hat for Ethan!  Why should girls have all the fun with Easter bonnets?  We found a simple yellow Easter hat and decorated it with ribbon, Easter bunnies and Easter chicks.

We used double sided tape to stick all of the items on, which we haven't used before, and is a fascinating thing in itself!  So we played with the tape for a little while, and then started sticking things on.  I did some of the trickier bits for him (like the ribbon) but he happily stuck the other items on, with me pointing out where to stick them.  We tried the hat on him between sticking on the items to admire how good he looked in it.  We had fun sticking everything on and creating the hat as part of his Creative Development, and he proudly wore it on his head when we finished.

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