17 months old

Red Nose Day


It's Red Nose Day today and we having lots of fun with noses!  Unfortunately we weren't organised enough to set anything up to raise money (and our oven's broken, so we can't even bake!)  But we donated yesterday while listening to Radio 1, and I'm sure we'll donate tonight while watching the show.  Plus we've been buying lots of Red Nose Day goodies!  

So we played with our noses today (I've got a few red noses from past years as well) wearing them, throwing them around, counting them, and balancing them in these great little metal cups!    Ethan's sense of humour seems to be really developing, he giggles like crazy when he sees people fall down and he also found these noses hilarious.  It's so much fun watching him develop and learn about being funny and laughing, a big step in his Personal, Social and Emotional Development.

If you'd like to donate to Comic Relief please click on the link :-)

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