17 months old

Easter Egg Shakers


Today we put more of our plastic Easter eggs to good use!  We made egg shakers with lots of things that we already had around the house, and then had fun playing with them! 

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What you'll need:

We put pasta, rice, metal cookie cutters and plastic lids inside different eggs to make different sounds.  Then we taped them up with masking tape to keep the contents inside.

Ethan loved making the shakers, it's activities like these that show me how much more he's capable of now that he's older.  He was able to help to put the items inside the eggs (I let him dump out the bigger things and put them back in a few times) then he would hand me the egg to close and tape (he even helped with the tape!) and then I would hand it back to him to shake it.  

Such a fun activity for us to do together, and now we have shaker eggs that he can play with and make music with as a part of his Creative Development.

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