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Two Digit Number Snowmen


Learning those first numbers is so vital and I focused on them for so long, that it almost went unnoticed that I hadn't really put much effort into teaching Ethan how to form two digit numbers. We've been talking a lot about two digit numbers lately to make up for it, noticing them in the world around us on houses and buses, as well as our advent calendar (so useful for counting!) but it was time for a fun game to really solidify those numbers.

making a two digit number

Setting up a Two Digit Number Snowman Game

What you'll need:

  • cut out snowman shapes
  • markers
  • pom poms
  • paper

two digit number snowman game set up

I set up a really simple snowman themed game for Ethan to play to really solidify those two digit numbers in his head.  I had some little snowman foam cut outs that I wrote numbers on (0-9, then an extra set of 1-5).  I let Ethan had a look at those first and a bit of a play around with the numbers, just identifying what he saw.  One of the first things he asked was why there were two of some of the numbers, and then I explained that we were making two digit numbers.

The first level of the activity was to simply ask him to make a number for me.  I would say the number to him and he would find the digits that he needed to make the number.  We are especially focusing on the teen numbers as those are the ones that he is struggling with, but we went all the way up to numbers in the 50s.

The next challenge was to make a pile of snowballs (pom poms) for him to count and then form the number.  This was also great for working on his counting skills and one to one correspondence.  He said that he had to put them in a line to be able to count them properly, so he moved them all around before being able to form the number.

The final challenge was to write the number word on a piece of paper for him to them write out.  Ethan's reading is coming on really well so there are some words that he was able to sound out and a few that he needed a bit of help reading before he was able to form the number.

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