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Christmas Storytelling Wrapping Paper


It's almost Christmas and we have got most of our shopping done, it's just time to wrap up those gifts!  So we decided to try something a little bit different with our wrapping paper this year and used the Christmas story for inspiration.

What you'll need:
  • large roll of paper
  • markers
  • Christmas Story book

This is such a fun and simple activity that it's perfect for the busy Christmas season.  This doesn't have to be perfect, it's all about the process.  It emphasises the importance of listening skills and story comprehension as well as creativity.

Ethan was really keen to make his storytelling wrapping paper as he loves drawing and they have been reading the Christmas story at school.  I read through the book to him as he sat with his different coloured markers ready to draw.  Whenever we got to a part that he wanted to draw he would tell me to stop reading and draw his picture.

He managed to draw Mary and Joseph, the angel, the innkeeper, the stable, baby Jesus, the shepherds, the three kings and all sorts of other little details.  He did such a fantastic job and made such special wrapping paper.

Whoever gets to open up this present will be very lucky!

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  1. I LOVE this. What a fun idea and perfect for using up wrapping paper

  2. Who got the present in that wrapping paper and how did they react?


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