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New Years Eve Countdown Clock Craft


It is nearly New Years Eve and we are always looking for fun ways to celebrate New Years as a family.  As Ethan is learning to tell the time we thought that it would be fun to make our very own New Years Eve Countdown Clock craft.

countdown to new years eve clock craft

What you'll need to make a New Years Eve Countdown Clock Craft

  • paper plate
  • black crayon, coloured pencils or paint
  • glitter glue pens
  • black foam sheets or card
  • white chalk pen
  • glow sticks
  • scissors
  • blue tac
materials for countdown clock

To start with Ethan coloured his paper plate all black using the crayon and coloured pencil. (This would also work very well with black paint, but we didn't want to wait for the paint to dry).  Next I used scissors to poke a hole in the middle of the plate for the clock hands to go through.

colouring the paper plate

Then we looked at a clock together and talked about where all the numbers are placed, and Ethan decided to write the big numbers in silver glitter glue and the other numbers in blue glitter glue.  We worked together to write the numbers with the glitter glue in the correct spots.

writing numbers

While the glitter glue was drying we made the hands for the clock.  We used glow sticks as the clock hands, and to add to the fun we made some arrows to go on the clock hands that would also be our countdown numbers.  Ethan cut the arrows out of black foam sheets, tracing the shape and using his scissors to cut them out.

cutting out arrows

Then he used the white chalk pen to write the numbers from 1-10 on each of the foam arrows.  These will then be stuck onto the hour hand to count down to midnight (or more likely a bit earlier as I don't think he's quite ready to stay up until the new year!)

writing countdown numbers

Then we stuck the glow sticks through the hole in the middle of our clock and it was ready to play with, making different times for Ethan to learn and ready to use on New Years Eve to countdown till the New Year.

finished clock

Or pin this idea for next year!

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