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Button Reindeer Christmas Cards


We love a good craft challenge, so of course we were excited to take part in a project with Wynsors to come up with a Christmas craft.  We were sent a lovely box full of craft supplies and a few fun goodies for the kids too (more about those later).

button reindeer christmas card

Making Button Reindeer Christmas Cards

materials to make cards

What you'll need:
  • brown buttons
  • red buttons
  • white card
  • glue
  • markers
I set this up for the kids as an invitation to create one day after school.  I find that if I have everything set up for them straight away and when they get to create freely they are much more motivated to get creative.

invitation to create

I decided on button reindeer to go with a sort of Night Before Christmas theme.  So we read the story before starting on our crafts.  Little do the children know I was also inspired by the lovely goodies that Wynsors sent us which will be part of their Christmas Eve presents.  We like to give the children a special gift on Christmas Eve which always includes pyjamas, a Christmas book and a few extras.  This year they will also be getting slippers from Wynsors, these cute Paw Patrol Skye slippers for Ivy and super cool Avengers slippers for Ethan. They'll also get some chocolates and reindeer hot chocolate pouches.

kids slippers and hot chocolate for christmas eve

The kids were very excited to start creating their cards when they saw all of the materials on the table.  They love gluing things everywhere, and they really love buttons too.  Ethan wanted to start by drawing his reindeer first, he wasn't interested in using the brown buttons as heads, he decided that he wanted to draw their heads and bodies and just stick on a red nose for Rudolph.  He then drew another reindeer, a sleigh and a house on his card.

sticking on rudolphs nose

Ivy took a different approach, she just stuck loads of buttons all over the card!  She drew a little bit with the markers, but when I suggested drawing antlers and bodies for the reindeer she wasn't interested.  But that's the beauty of a process art or invitation to create project, it doesn't matter what the final product looks like, all that matters is the fun that they had and the skills that they worked on while they created.

sticking buttons on the card

Ethan and Ivy's cards both turned out very different, but both fantastic!  I am sure that the recipients of these cards will be very excited to get them.  Maybe we'll use them as thank you cards to send Santa or family after Christmas.

finished button reindeer christmas cards

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* This is a review post, we were provided with craft supplies and Christmas treats as well as slippers for the kids from Wynsors in order to write this post, all opinions are our own.*

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