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The Mouse & The Crocodile: The Unlikeliest of Friends - Review


This week we've been reading The Mouse & The Crocodile: The Unlikeliest of Friends by Lorraine Catterall.  It's a sweet story about two very different creatures helping each other out and becoming friends.

Ethan and Ivy have both enjoyed listening to this story this week, and I do love when a book can work on both of their levels.  At 3 1/2 Ethan is very interested in the characters and asking lots of questions about what they are doing and why they would want to help each other out.  It's great for his knowledge and understanding of animals as well as personal interactions between different types of characters.  Ivy just loves all the pictures of the different animals, and at 18 months is just learning to point and say the animals names so it is great for her as well.

We've really enjoyed reading this book this week.  What have you been reading?

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