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Summer Crafts


All these rainy days mean we've been having lots of fun inside doing some crafts with supplies from Baker Ross.  We have everything we need to do some fantastically creative painting with this paint pot tray, painting water pots and even a splash mat to keep our table nice and clean.  Ethan and Ivy have been painting some real masterpieces with all of their new supplies.

We've also been busy making loads of these adorable butterfly suncatchers.  They're so simple to make, the kids just use some glass pens to colour in the different sections of the butterfly, we let them dry then they're ready to hang up using the ribbons provided.  It's great as well because I can let Ivy just colour however she pleases and challenge Ethan with trying to make symmetrical patterns on the butterflies.

Our favourite summer craft so far has got to be these music shaker kits that we've been making.  The kits come with the tubes, lids for each side and beads to go inside.  The kids loved looking at what went into the shakers, and then we taped the lids on with some washi tape.  Then they decorated the shakers with crayons and stuck on some of these cute weather foam stickers.  Then we got to play with them, we put on some of our favourite songs and dance around shaking our shakers, what could be more fun than that?

We've also got some solar system scratch art that we're saving for the next rainy day, Ethan's going to love them and they'll look great hung up about our craft table.  But after that I'm definitely hoping for some more sunny weather so we can run around with our shakers outside!

* This is a review post, we were provided with craft supplies from Baker Ross so that we could try them out and write our honest opinions about them.*

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