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A Fun Day at Kew Gardens


We recently spent a fun day at Kew Gardens with friends and had such a fantastic time.  I don't know why I hadn't brought the kids until now, I guess I didn't think that it was as child friendly as it is, so I was pleasantly surprised by just how many things there were for the little ones to see and do.

Of course there are beautiful trees and plants to look at and loads of space for the kids to run around.  As soon as we got into the park the older kids just set off running straight away, and the little ones were desperate to get out of their strollers and run too.  We did take the time to appreciate as many of the different trees that we saw as well, marvelling at the ones with huge leaves and bright flowers.

We absolutely loved the log trail, such a fun opportunity to see different types of tree logs all lined up on the ground making a huge connected balance beam.  The kids all had fun climbing along the logs and balancing as much as they could, crawling through some hollowed out logs and even encountering a log crocodile!

Ethan's favourite thing was probably the badger sett, he loved walking through the dark tunnels and discovering all of the little nooks.  He could have gone through again and again, he was just completely fascinated by it.  Ivy really liked it as well, but did hold my hand very tightly as we walked through!

The treetop walkway is the highlight of any visit to Kew Gardens, the opportunity to walk above all of those huge trees and look down on the leaves is an incredibly unique experience.  The kids are completely fearless and just ran along the pathway stopping every now and then to look down and check out where they were.  It's the perfect way to end a fun day at Kew.

We had such a fantastic time and did as much as we could as we explored Kew Gardens, but it is just humongous and we couldn't possibly see and do everything so we will definitely be going back another day to see some more!

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