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Back to School Name Tags


It's almost time to go back to school and we're starting to get everything ready!  Ethan starts at a new preschool in September and Ivy will be starting new play groups and classes.  We definitely need to put names on as many of the kids clothes and other items as possible, so we were very excited to see these cute labels from My Nametags.

Image courtesy of My Nametags 
Their newest line is of these adorable Hello Kitty name tags, so of course we had to get some of those for Ivy!  As well as a wide variety of designs on the labels they also offer different types of labels, some that are stickers and some that are iron ons.  For Ivy's Hello Kitty labels I chose to try out the stickers as I knew that we would want to use them on a variety of different items that she takes out with her (and drops in various places!)  So first we had to put one on the label of her favourite monkey toy.  The sticker stays on so well, even after plenty of cuddles and being thrown around it hasn't budged.

I've also put some of Ivy's labels on her various little snack pots and cups that we take out with us.  The stickers are great because they can actually go through the dishwasher without coming off, and now we always know which water bottle is Ivy's when we're out and about with friends.

We also got some fire truck labels for Ethan, and for these I chose the iron on name tags as he has a lot of clothes that need labelling for preschool.  The labels are so easy to use, even though I hate ironing even I can manage them!  Just iron them straight on, then they stay put through wearing and washing.  Ethan loves the fire truck design too, the perfect match to his many fire truck t shirts!

We are loving the Hello Kitty and fire truck labels that we were sent, the stickers and iron ons couldn't be easier to use and stay in place even after washing.  Now we're another step closer for being ready to go back to school!

* This is a review post, we were sent the labels from My Nametags so that we could try them out and write and honest review.*

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