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Remote Holder Craft for Father's Day


It's almost Father's Day and Ethan and Ivy are still busy making little presents for Daddy. Today they made him a holder for the TV remotes (which is maybe a gift for me as it will encourage people to put them back where they belong!)  I find Father's Day a funny occasion, as the main themes that the gifts fall under don't often suit my husband (or my dad for that matter) as neither play golf or wear ties every day.  So we went for a travel theme, as that is something that my husband really enjoys.

The materials that we used are:

First I wrote out the names of several countries that we've travelled to as a family on the luggage tags (this is something that an older child could do, but at the moment Ethan can only write his own name, and wasn't in the mood for writing much today).

Next I had Ethan and Ivy each decorate one of the luggage tags, Ivy did a few little scribbles (and tried to eat the crayon) while Ethan drew a picture of him and Daddy sitting on a plane together on one side and wrote his name on the other side.

Then Ethan used the glue to stick the luggage tags on the sides of the wipes box.  I helped with a few of these, but then let him do the rest.  Then we left the glue to dry for a little while to make sure that the tags stayed in place.

Finally I let Ethan at those stickers that he had been staring at the whole time!  He was very excited to choose all of the different forms of transportation that we have been on during our travels (although I think that he may have snuck a fire truck on there too!)

And that's it, it could not have been easier to make this very cute TV remote holder for Father's Day, and I think that Ethan and Ivy's Daddy is going to love it!

* This post contains affiliate links if you would like to buy any of the materials listed to make the craft. *

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  1. Oh, this is really cute! I'm actually looking for some last-minute Father's Day gift ideas, and even my non-crafty self could handle this one. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks so much Stephie, I am loving super simple crafts at the moment, too busy for anything else :)


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