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Filling and Spilling Water Play


There is nothing that my two kids love more than water play, they are drawn to water like nothing else, so it isn't hard to convince them to go outside to play in the water tray!  Today I put out some pots and pans from our cooking play set, as well as some tea cups and a tea pot just for something different to play with.

I then just left the kids to explore on their own and see what they would come up with.  Straight away they were filling things up and pouring them into other containers.  Those tea cups were the perfect size and shape to easily fill and pour.  For Ethan I was able to ask him to count out how many cups he was filling up for each larger pot.

Ivy mostly enjoyed the spilling part!  She liked the ones with holes in the bottom and the tea pot with the spout for pouring out.  Of course she got completely soaked, just like she always does, but she had so much fun doing it!

I love watching them play side by side, and this is the perfect activity that they can both take part in at their own level.  While Ethan was counting out cups and learning about the different volumes of the pots, Ivy was happily exploring in her own way.  Then Ethan started playing tea time, serving everyone cups of tea and suddenly it changed from playing side by side to actually working together and interacting.  Ivy was using the words that she knows how to say like 'more' and 'done' to join in with the play and Ethan was happily serving everyone as many cups of tea as he could.  A great way to spend a sunny afternoon, full of countless ways to play and learn!

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