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A House to Play In


If you've noticed that I've been a bit quiet lately, it's because we've moved to a new house! We've been busy unpacking and settling in, plus we don't have internet yet so I haven't had a chance to write at all.  But things are starting to settle down, I'm seeing less and less boxes and the kids are seeing more and more of their toys reappearing!  

It's so exciting to finally be in our new home, I won't go into the details, but lets just say that it was a very long journey with quite a few pitfalls to get to this point, and now we couldn't be happier to call this place our very own.  Now I'm not going to say that I enjoy unpacking, but I do love to set up all the different rooms of the house, and to make great places for the kids to play and learn.  

Over the coming months you'll be seeing a few posts about how we are making our home into a 'house to play in'.  Ethan's bedroom will have a rainforest / safari theme and loads of his toys on shelves that will be easy for him to see and choose what he wants to play with. Ivy's night sky themed room is so much bigger than her old room (which I wrote about before) so now there will actually be room for toys as well as a bed for her to use when she's bigger.  We have an area between the living room and kitchen that will be perfect for their 'playroom' but is in serious need of organising and storage solutions.  I have yet to figure out where I am going to keep the all important craft supplies, so any ideas are very welcome.  Then of course we have our lovely backyard, which is small but perfect for us. With it's artificial grass, which I wasn't sure about but am starting to really like, and garden area for us to start planting our own plants and flowers.  I just can't wait to start setting everything up and to share photos of the progress that we're making.

I am working with a few companies already to help all of these rooms become the fabulous places that I'm hoping to create, but we're always open to more ideas, so please do get in touch if you have a product that you think would be perfect for us.

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