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Canada Day Sensory Bin


It's almost Canada Day, and even though Ethan and Ivy were born here in the UK they are still Canadians at heart and so every year we celebrate and I teach them about Canada.  Ivy hasn't even been to Canada yet (crazy I know!) but she sure did enjoy exploring this Canada Day sensory bin.

I used white rice and red lentils as the base of the bin, using a maple leaf shaped cookie cutter to form the shape of the leaf in the middle of the flag.  I added some maple extract to the lentils and the rice to give them a slight maple scent and add to the sensory experience.  Then I put in some maple leaf foil confetti, just for a little extra something shiny in the bin.

Ivy was drawn to the sensory bin straight away, I put it down to take this first photo and she was there straight away, I had to be quick!  She couldn't wait to find out what was inside and to get her hands on it.  I have been quite reluctant to give Ivy any proper sensory bins as she still puts a lot of things into her mouth, but I am proud to say that not one bit of rice or lentil was eaten, so this has opened up a whole new world for Ivy.

I put in some little Canadian block toys (a maple leaf, a beaver and a polar bear) as well as some red scoops, cups a funnel and tweezers to pick up and move the materials around. Ivy spent a lot of time using a tiny red spoon to fill up the funnel and then watch it all go through.  

Then it was time to put the spoon aside and just go for it, Ivy was picking up handfuls of the lentils and rice and running them through her fingers over and over again.  She was so happy just to experience the feeling of the materials moving around and sticking to her pudgy little fingers.

I should mention that after a couple minutes of playing I realised that this was going to be a very messy experience, Ivy was scooping up the rice and lentils and pouring them everywhere, so I did get the tuff spot out and sat Ivy and the sensory bin on it to keep the mess a bit more contained.  She could have sat in there for ages, what better way to celebrate Canada Day than with a bit of sensory play!

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