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Making Flower Soup


Another sunny day meant another day of water play for us.  This time we decided to make things more fun by adding some flower petals from our garden to make some flower soup!  I set up a play area in the water tray for the kids while they were napping.  I put some toy pans and spoons in the tray as well as rose petals, blossoms and lavender flowers.

As soon as Ivy woke up she couldn't wait to get outside to play.  I opened up the water tray and she was right in there splashing the water around.  I showed her the spoons and how to stir around the rose petal soup, she then began scooping up the petals and taking them in and out of the pot.

She loved the little lavender flowers and the blossoms, picking them up in her hands and running them through her fingers.  She liked to drop them in the water and watch them float on the top.  She was choosing which ones she liked to add to her main soup pot, then stirring them all around together.

Then she was filling up both pots and transferring the soup from one pot to the other.  She even started going into the garden to find her own petals to add to the soup, then bringing them back and stirring it all up again.  After letting her play independently for some time I began to ask her to do certain tasks, stirring, pouring and picking up petals to see how good she was at following instructions.  Even though she was very focused on her task she was able to to do the things that I asked her to do, and then she was so proud to show me once she had done them.

I let her to play on her own again after that, having given her some more ideas of how she could create flower soup.  She could have played in that water tray for hours, it was only when her real dinner was ready that I could convince her to come into the house.  Water play of any kind really is a winner with her, and adding flowers just made it more fun!

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