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Summer Crafts


It may be summer, but we're still having a lot of rainy days that we need to find things to keep us busy indoors, so we were very happy to have these craft kits that Baker Ross sent us to entertain the little ones for the past few weeks.

Ethan had a friend over one day and the craft that they chose to do first was these cute little ceramic coin bank boats.  They can be decorated in a variety of ways, and would look great painted, but what I love is that they can also look fantastic by just using these porcelain pens.  There was hardly anything to set up or clean up and the boys were able to be creative and make the boats look great!

Next the boys made these super cool star hero biff bats!  They were each very excited to choose the super hero that they liked, to colour them in with markers and then to play with them!  I love this one because they can spend a rainy day making them and a sunny day playing outside with them!

On another rainy play date we were able to colour in some animal glasses with Ethan and Ivy's friends.  These glasses are great because all they need is to be coloured in, so they're great for any age of children.  Ivy and the younger ones were just as happy to scribble on their animals as the older ones were.  Then they got to wear the glasses for some adorable photos!

Then when we are lucky enough to have sunny days we have these cute little turtle water squirters to play with in the water!  Both Ethan and Ivy love these and spent a whole sunny afternoon squirting each other and making up little games with the turtles.

* This is a review post, we were sent these craft kits and toys from Baker Ross so that we could play with them and write our honest opinions about them.*

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