My Day at Pinterest HQ and Tips Direct from the Experts


I was lucky enough to go to Pinterest HQ in London for a Blogger Masterclass last week.  I have been completely obsessed with Pinterest for ages, I signed up a few years ago and have been pinning recipes, ideas for play and ways to decorate the house ever since!  As a blogger I use Pinterest to pin all of my posts and to find great ideas for play from other bloggers that I can share with my readers.

Stepping into Pinterest HQ was like stepping into Pinterest itself, they definitely didn't disappoint with their perfectly set up table including mason jar glasses with their logo and notebooks tied with baker's twine.  

It was so nice to hear from the people at Pinterest themselves about the best ways to use it as a blogger, as there are a lot of speculations that go around about what the best ways to use it are (many of which just aren't true!)

Top tips for using Pinterest as a blogger:
  • set up your account as a business account and apply for Rich Pins
  • install the Pin it button on your blog
  • Pin what inspires you
  • Pin everyday (there is not specific time of day that's any better)
  • Pin topical and season posts from 2 months before the event
  • put your seasonal / topical boards near the top of your profile so that they are found easily (by your readers and Google) then move them to the bottom after the event
  • write descriptive and specific board titles
  • there is no such thing as too many pins or too many boards!
  • when your join a group board ensure that the other pins are relevant to your followers
  • on Pinterest it's not about how many followers you have, it's all about engagement
  • #hashtags don't work on Pinterest
  • use an approved program to schedule your pins, I love Tailwind (affiliate link)

And the last tip, is to use every opportunity that you can to promote your Pinterest presence,'s my Pinterest page :)

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  1. Great tips... my favorite part is sharing your board at the bottom, and the first pinned post I see, is one of mine! :)

    1. Thanks, and you've got great posts, so of course I'm pinning them!

  2. Fabulous tips! Thanks. How great that you got to go there! I definitely don't use Pinterest enough although do love it. How do you apply for a business account? X


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