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A Few Little Travel Extras


It's almost the school holidays and that means time to go away with the family!  We are lucky enough to have preschool children so we're going on holiday in a few weeks, but we're starting to prepare with all the essentials, and a few little extras that are sure to make our trip a little bit easier.  Long car rides are never easy, so a few more things to pack are definitely worth it if they help the journey.

We've got a new Starry Night window shade for the car from Diono as well as their Buggy Tech Tote.  The sunshade is really great for keeping the sun out of the kids eyes, but it can also be rolled up for less sunny days which I know that Ethan will love as he always wants to look out the window.  It's also got glow in the dark stars on it, which the kids are going to love at night!

The buggy station is also great, it's similar to their buggy buddy that attaches to the handles of the pram or stroller, but with an extra feature of space for your phone and tablet.  I love that it easily attaches to either my big pram or my folding stroller that we take on holiday with us.  I put drinks for the kids and other essentials in it, and my phone fits in it so I can easily see it whenever I need to.  Then there's the space for your tablet, which a child can actually watch in a parent facing pram.  It also comes out, which is how we'll use it for the most part to protect the tablet as the kids use it in the back of the car.

You've always got to have a first aid kit, but I am definitely loving this Ouch Pouch from Spilly Spoon. It comes with essentials like plasters, wipes, forehead thermometer, hand sanitizer, medicine bottle and of course the Spilly Spoon.  It's that spoon that makes this kit really special though, for kids that are resistant to take medicine having a spoon that won't spill sticky syrup everywhere whilst you're on holiday and don't have endless changes of clothes really is helpful!

Car trips are all about car games, and we've got 2 new ones from Paul Lamond called Are we there yet? and 50 Fun Games for On the Go.  Are we there yet? has lots of little cards with different items that you need to spot outside of the car for points.  Ethan is going to love this as he's always looking at everything we pass on the roads.  It is aimed for children aged 6 and above, but it can easily be played by younger children if you slightly alter the rules for them.  50 Fun Game for On the Go is a set of 50 cards each with a different game on it. This is aimed at children aged 5 and above, although there are plenty of games in there that can be played by younger children.  I'm going to have a sort through them before the trip to find some that Ethan would enjoy to put at the top of the pile.  This will definitely make the long car journey go by faster!

* This is a review post, we were sent the sunshade, buggy pouch, ouch pouch and travel games to use and to write our honest opinion about them.*

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