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Bedroom Door Sign


We are moving to a new house and preparing the children for the big change in every way that we can.  I decided that it would be a good idea for the kids to make their own signs for their bedroom doors, a way for them to identify their new space and a great opportunity for Ethan to work on his name writing.

We started by cutting out some rectangular pieces of cardboard (I used a cereal box, but you could use card or other thick paper).  Then I gave Ethan a circle to trace around for each of the signs to go over the door knob.  I cut out the circles (I had already packed Ethan's scissors, otherwise I would have let him have a go!)

Next it was time to colour and decorate their door signs.  Ivy is getting really into colouring, she loves to play with crayons and pick up as many in her hands as she can.  But she is also putting them on the paper and scribbling away on her own, I think it has a lot to do with watching Ethan do it and wanting to be like him.  And Ethan is really getting into writing his name, I still have to remind him of the shapes of each letter, and of course he can't judge how small to write the letter to have enough space, but I think he's doing a fabulous job!

Then once we had the keys to our new house it was time to take their door signs to their new bedroom doors!  Ethan was so excited and wanted to run upstairs and find his new bedroom right away.  He put his sign up so quick that I couldn't even get a photo of him doing it, but he did pose for me after.  Then of course Ivy was excited because he was, and she even tried reaching up high to put her sign up too!

It really has made a difference with helping the kids to adjust the idea of moving to a new house and having new bedrooms.  Each time that we've been back to the house Ethan now wants to go to his room to see his sign, he can't wait to move into his new bedroom now!

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