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10 Fun Ways to Play with Muslin Blankets


We love to play with anything and everything around the house, so when Babymoov challenged us to find 10 different ways to use one of their cute muslin blankets, of course we could have found loads of practical ways to use them, but we decided to find as many ways as we could to play with them.  And it wasn't very hard at all!

1. First we used them to cover our box fort (we've got plenty of boxes around at the moment, but they would work well for a pillow fort too!)

2. Then we used one as a pillow and another as a blanket for Ivy's dolly.

3. Next Ivy used it to play peekaboo!

4. Then we decided that we could wear the muslins like capes and run around the garden pretending to be superheroes!

5. Then we put on the music and did some dancing, swinging the muslins around and throwing them in the air like movement scarves.

6. Of course the big muslin made a perfect parachute for us each to grab a corner of and swish up and down, sometimes popping little toys on top to watch them bounce around.

7. They also make a great towel after water play when you've left the big towels inside and don't want those wet toes running through the house!

8. We had a tea party with the dolls and toys using one of the muslins as a tablecloth!

9. We tried to use the muslin as a parachute for one of the toys to slowly float to the ground (although poor Sven landed with quite a bump!)

10. And after all that active play, it was time to cuddle with a muslin that I twisted around to look like a little bunny.

* This is a collaborative post, Babymoov sent us a set of their 4 Seasons Muslin Blankets to play with and find 10 ways to use in order to write this post.*

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