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Peekaboo Easter Eggs


Ivy is at an age when she just likes to get into everything to explore and examine it in every way possible!  So a basket full of eggs to open up with surprises inside is a perfect activity for her!

It was so simple to set up, I just used a sturdy Easter basket (you could use a sand bucket like the ones that we decorated the other day) and some plastic Easter eggs in a variety of colours and sizes.  I may have a bit of a thing for Easter eggs, so we have quite a few from last year, but you can find lots of different ones on Amazon (all of which I now want to order as well!)

I then found as many small toys as possible to put in the eggs, this was tricky as I needed to find toys that were small enough but that Ivy wouldn't attempt to eat!  (She still puts everything in her mouth, so if your little one is like this as well I highly recommend using large Easter eggs!)

Ivy sat playing with the eggs for ages, opening them all up at first and emptying out all of the toys.  Then playing with individual eggs that caught her eye, trying to close them back up again, putting them inside each other.  Then finally she started trying to put the toys back into the eggs and close them up.  At one point she chose one egg and little toy sheep that she particularly liked and just walked around the house with them.  She absolutely loves this basket of eggs, she goes back to it more than any other toy lately!

Then of course Ethan had to join in on the fun too!  He saw Ivy playing with the eggs and left his own game to see what she was up to.  He helped her to put the toys back into the eggs so that she could open them up again.  He also took the whole bucket and shook it so the eggs went flying everywhere, which Ivy really thought was hilarious!!!

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  1. This looks really fun, Luke would have loved this (hes with his dad for the next 4 days, wahh!) Maybe I will do something similar when he comes back. :) Ray @ lukeosaurusandme.blogspot.co.uk


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