3 years old

Drawing Rainbows with Finger Crayons


Sometimes Ethan gets bored of drawing with regular crayons and coloured pencils, but as soon as I bring out a new drawing implement he is right there and excited to try it out!  So today I dug out the finger crayons that he hasn't used for ages, and set out the colours of the rainbow for him to draw with.  I love finger crayons because they're easy to use for children of quite a young age, and there's no focus on pencil grip or anything else, just the joy of mark making.

Ethan couldn't wait to start drawing!  He was happily scribbling away his rainbow within seconds, going through each colour one at a time drawing the colourful arches.  He even wrote his name at the top in rainbow colours!

And as it's St Patrick's Day we even had a chat about leprechauns and a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow which we drew in together at the end!

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  1. They are fun for stacking as well.

    1. Yes, Ethan enjoys stacking them all up as well (and Ivy likes to knock them down!)


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