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Decorating Easter Baskets


Today we are starting to get ready for Easter!  So step one had to be getting our Easter baskets ready. 

We used some simple sand buckets instead of baskets, because they seemed much easier to decorate and safer for Ivy (she would definitely try to chew on a basket!)  Then I dug out as many stickers as I could find!  

Ethan did really well at finding the letters to spell out his name first (even though the stickers we had were all capitals, so I was impressed!)  Then he just went crazy with the stickers!  He was very excited to have so many stickers in front of him and no rules about where they could go.  He wanted a variety of the foam stickers, shiny stickers and character stickers to go all around his basket.  I didn't have to help him at all, he just happily did the whole thing himself.

Of course it was a little bit different for Ivy as she's only 13 months old!  I spelled out her name for her, then started handing her one sticker at a time to stick on.  Let's just say that there was a lot of crumpling up of stickers before I managed to get her to stick any on!  But eventually she did do a few, then I just had to convince her not to pick them back off again!

They both did a fantastic job of decorating their Easter baskets, so now the countdown to Easter begins!  I'm prepared to wake up tomorrow to Ethan asking questions about when the Easter Bunny will be here! 

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  1. What a great idea to decorate buckets with stickers. I love it!

    1. Thanks :) Sometimes it's the simplest things that we have the most fun with!


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