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Fun Mother's Day Gift Ideas


When it comes to Mother's Day the two main things that I want are; to spend time with my family, and to get all mushy and sentimental about how lucky I am to have 2 wonderful children!  (A day to relax would be nice too, but that's just not realistic!)  So the type of gifts that I would like fall into those two categories, gifts that I can enjoy with my family and cutesy personalised items with my childrens' names / handprints / artwork, etc.  The personalised gifts can be easy to find, but gifts that I will enjoy and will encourage fun and play with my children need a bit more thought.  So here are some gifts that I've come up with, the gifts that keep on giving!

Cooking and Baking Together

Ethan loves cooking and baking with me, and this Indoor Herb Allotment set from Treat Republic will take it one step further.  I would love to receive a gift like this because it would look fantastic in my kitchen sitting on the windowsill.  It's also great because it's something that Ethan and I could set up together, planting the seeds and watering them everyday. Then when the herbs have grown we can pick them and use them in our healthy cooking endeavours!  So it's not only something that we can enjoy together for one day, but continue to enjoy and watch grow.

Of course once the herbs have grown we will need somewhere to chop and prepare them, and what better than an Apple Shaped Cutting and Serving Board that just happens to match perfectly with my kitchen.  And I'm pretty sure that Ethan and Ivy would love to eat their snacks off this board too!  It's a really good quality oak board that is the perfect combination of form and function.

Doing Crafts Together

We love to do crafts together, and already have many, many craft supplies!  But for a Mum who isn't quite so equipped, a book of craft ideas like Red Ted Art or 101 Kids Activities and a voucher for your local craft shop would make a terrific gift!

Reading Together
I read with Ethan and Ivy every day, it's a great way to interact with them, to chat about the book and to have some quiet time after a busy day.  We love all sorts of books, but getting a personalised book as a gift is still very special.  I say this one is for the kids, but making myself (as well as Ethan and Ivy) into a Peppa Pig character is pretty fun for me too! Penwizard have a great new book for Mother's Day called My Mummy, and it's all about you!  You design the characters of the Mummy and child / children and the book is all about the things that the children love about their Mummy.  It's really sweet and gives you a great opportunity to chat about all of the things that you love about each other as a family.

An excuse for Cuddles

For my very first Mother's Day my very clever 6 month old Ethan got me a lovely teething necklace from Mama Jewels.  I still wear it now, especially as Ivy is getting her first molars and chewing on everything!  She'll happily sit in my lap for ages playing with that necklace, a perfect way to keep her busy when we're out for our Mother's Day lunch.  I love that it looks nice and is safe for Ivy to play with whilst relieving a bit of her teething pains.

Giving Back

I recently did a big clear out of all of the kids old baby clothes, I love to look back at how small they were (and to show Ethan, he just doesn't believe it!)  It's always hard to let those clothes go as they hold so many memories.  I have a friend that I trade some clothes with, but there was still a lot there that I wanted to find a good home for, so when I came across Jojo Maman Bebe's 'Mother to Another' campaign I knew it was the right one for me.  They're collecting children's clothes that you package up by size and season, then they repack it in a lovely box and work alongside the charity Barnardo's to pass each package onto another Mother for her child.  It's just nice to know that the clothes that we loved so much and have lovely memories of will be worn by another baby, and that another mother will get a lovely gift knowing that their child has some good quality clothes to wear.

And Relax

After the kids are in bed, it would be nice to enjoy a few things just for yourself and attempt to relax for a little while. Don't Buy Her Flowers offers gift boxes of treats for new mums and has a special Mother's Day edition that has chocolates and gin, what more could you want?

If you're still stuck for ideas, you could try out this gift finder from My Voucher Codes for more inspiration!

Happy Mother's Day!

* This is a review post and contains affiliate links. Treat Republic sent us the apple cutting board and indoor allotment as well as Penwizard sending us the My Mummy book to try out and write an honest review.*

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