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Ethan's Easter Basket


I love to fill up an Easter basket with fun little presents for the kids to open on Easter, and not just chocolate!  For his previous 3 Easters Ethan hasn't really eaten chocolate, but now that he is old enough (he's almost 3 1/2) to have some I think that it's really important to emphasize healthy eating and to show him that there are plenty of other fun things to receive at Easter!

There are a few different categories that I like to cover in Easter basket gifts, so in Ethan's basket he has:

Someone to cuddle

Ethan is going to absolutely love this cuddly Benjamin Bunny from the Peter Rabbit stories from Vivid Toys.  A few weeks ago he dressed up as Peter Rabbit for World Book Day, and since then he's had a real connection to the books and the show, so he'll be very excited to have his very own Benjamin Bunny to take on adventures with him!

A book to read

We have quite the collection of Easter books already, so I just went with a bunny theme this year and chose him a book called The Bunny of Bluebell Hill.  

Something with his name on it

Who doesn't love to have something personalised especially for them? Ethan can recognise his name now, so he's going to love his special Easter mug from Born Gifted that is just for him.  It says 'Happy Easter Ethan' on the front and I was able to put a message on the back as well ('Love Mommy and Daddy xxxx')  And if the weather continues to be as cold and rainy as it has been, it will be perfect for a nice hot chocolate on Easter morning!

A game to play

I think it's a really good idea to give Ethan something to keep him busy on Easter after the excitement of the Easter egg hunt is over.  So a game is the perfect choice, and we love Hoppy Floppy's Happy Hunt, we reviewed it earlier in the week and Ethan keeps asking to play it again!

An egg with a toy in it

You've got to have some sort of egg with a surprise inside for Easter (that isn't chocolate!) and we found such a cute one from WOW Toys, with a dinosaur inside!  My Dinky Dino Egg is a cute egg that's easy for little hands to open up and find the dinosaur inside, the dinosaur can be removed and placed back in the egg, which makes a sort of chirping sound when you push down on him.  Ethan is going to love it!

Healthy treats

And just to ensure that Ethan does get some nice treats but doesn't eat too much chocolate, I'm including these Apple and Date bars from Organix, he loves them and they are a sweet treat but won't have him bouncing off the walls all day!

* This post contains affiliate links and review items.  We were sent the Benjamin Bunny, personalised mug, Hoppy Floppy game, Wow Egg and Organix bars to review and write our honest opinion about. *

Tomorrow I'll give you a peek at Ivy's Easter basket!  For some more Easter inspiration, have a look at my Pinterest board:

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