2 1/2 years old

Water Play


It is no secret that Ethan is truly a water baby.  You get that boy anywhere near water and he gets absolutely soaked!  I have a feeling that Ivy is going to be the same, she already loves the bath and the pool (and was even happy the one time she had a shower!)  So a quick activity when Ethan's a bit grumpy and the weather is nice, but not quite nice enough to put out the paddling pool, is to set up the tuff spot tray in the garden and fill it with water.  It doesn't even need very much water, but he always has fun and always gets completely soaked (even if I tell him not to jump in, he just can't resist!)

I like to put a variety of different things in there for him to play with; cups, scoops, a water wheel and cars (of course!) Sometimes we have just water, and sometimes I put in a bit of washing up liquid to make bubbles.  He loves when we put bubbles in, he was so cute the first time, it was such a surprise when he started to swish the water around and bubbles appeared!

As part of the Toy Testing Team for Learning Resources we were sent these Twisty Droppers to play with and explore.  They are great in so many ways, Ethan loves to be able to fill them with water and squirt the water around (sometimes in my direction, so beware, you might get wet too, ha ha!) They are a bit of a challenge for his fine motor control and Physical Development, to be able to squeeze the dropper and release it slowly to fill it with water (of course he figured out the squeezing to squirt the water quite quickly!) He uses them to fill up the cups, to turn the water wheel, to make the water bubbly when I've put washing up liquid in and to squirt for different levels to watch the effects.  We can squeeze the droppers fast to make lots of water come out, but we also enjoyed holding the droppers up high and squeezing out just one drip at a time to make ripples in the surface of the water like raindrops.  We literally had fun for hours with these droppers, I would highly recommend them.  I think they're one water toy that we'll be taking inside to play in the bathtub when winter comes.

* This is a review post, we were sent the Twisty Droppers from Learning Resources to play with and write an honest review.  For more about our review process, please click here *

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