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Canada Day Play Date


Happy Canada Day! Every year since I moved from Canada to the UK (almost 10 years ago!) we have spent Canada Day in Trafalgar Square. This year the festivities are not happening in London (quite a shame) so we'll just have to do all of our celebrating at home!

We've invited a few friends over for a Canada Day play date this afternoon! The decorations are all up, including the handprint bunting and the flag coasters that we made over the past few days. We've got red and white cups and plates, and even our snacks are themed! We've got maple leaf shaped jam sandwiches, red velvet cupcakes, maple leaf shaped watermelon slices, strawberries, shortbread cookies with maple icing, dried cranberries and yogurt covered raisins, and red berry juice.

We'll be listening to a CD of Canadian kids songs (like This Land is Your Land and Land of the Silver Birch). The kids will have some Canadian colouring pages to do, and they can make a Canada flag to take home.  I found loads of great printables on Activity Village and DLTK.

We've even got Canada goody bags to send home with them (because I can't help but go a bit overboard) with Canada pencils, stickers and tattoos inside! Then after all of our friends go home we'll be having poutine for dinner, just because we can!

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