5 months old

Sitting Up


It hasn't been long since Ivy learned to roll over, and now she's gone and learned to sit!  It's so funny how children develop at such different paces (and how little it matters in the long run!) but Ethan rolled much earlier and sat much later.  Ivy hasn't even fully mastered rolling yet, she can only roll to the left and still gets stuck on her tummy.  But now that she can sit, it's all that she wants to do!

I am still very grateful for the Galt Playnest as it's easy to pop her in quickly when I need to help Ethan with something, and it's safer than just putting some cushions around her (that someone else might move!) But sitting has opened up a whole new world of play for her!  Toys like stacking rings, shape sorters and stacking cups can be explored when sitting up.  We can also start making Ivy her very own sensory and discovery bins and have her join in with our water play and messy play in the builders tray.  There's a lot of fun in store for her now!

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