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The Tiger Who Came to Tea Live - Review


We were lucky enough to get tickets to see The Tiger Who Came to Tea Live, while it's on at The Lyric Theatre in London.  It runs from now until 7th September, with matinee's on most days.  It's recommended for ages 3 and up, but at 2 1/2 and loving the story, and other theatre experiences, Ethan was a fine age to watch the show.

Ethan was riveted from start to finish!  It always amazes me, that at such a young age he already has such an appreciation for theatre, but he absolutely loves it.  Seeing stories that he loves come to life on stage just amazes him.  The Tiger Who Came to Tea has been one of his favourite stories from when he was quite small.  I'm not sure what it is about the story, but it must be a favourite of many children.  

The way that the production was done was just wonderful.  Being able to stretch out a short story to make it a full length show that keeps children's attention for nearly an hour is no easy feat.  Right from the beginning the actors were signing and dancing to draw the children in, there was lots of physical humour from the characters and a real setting of the scene.  Instead of just focusing on the tiger's arrival, the play starts at the beginning of the day, going through all of the different meals and visitors that Sophie and her Mummy have.  When it came time for the tiger's arrival Ethan was literally on the edge of his seat.  

That tiger did not disappoint!  He was huge, a magnificent presence on the stage, upstaging all others.  He even did a little 'tiger aerobics' to encourage some audience participation and give the children a chance to stand up and stretch their legs (a brilliant idea for wriggly little ones).  The magic of the plates being cleared off and the food disappearing from the cupboards and refrigerator was amazing.  We marvelled at how the tiger managed to eat all that food so quickly!  

The songs were lovely and catchy (possibly too much so, I still have 'Yummy yummy sausages, yummy scrummy chips' going through my head!) Again they were mostly sung by the cast, but this particular song was for the whole audience to sing and get involved with.  A brilliant way to draw the children into the story and make them feel like a part of the show.

We had a fantastic morning at the theatre and would highly recommend that you go and watch it!  If you're in London book from now until September, or in Birmingham over the Christmas period.

* This is a review post, we were given tickets to see The Tiger Who Came to Tea Live so that we could see the show and give our honest opinion.  For more information about our review process please click here *

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  1. I just went to the show with my littlest! It was a special treat as we had completed our Lapbook on this book! I also shared my resources in your recent post. Hope it's beneficial to you all. : )


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