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Galt Toys Farm Playnest - Review


I have found another brilliant product to help Ivy to sit upright.  She is much happier when sitting, but isn't yet sitting up independently, so she needs a little bit of assistance.  The Galt Playnest is lovely, it serves it's purpose perfectly and is bright and fun at the same time.  It consists of 2 parts, an inner inflatable ring, and a cover that zips over it, leaving a space in the middle for baby to sit.  It's much easier than just surrounding Ivy with pillows until she learns to sit confidently (especially as someone else always comes around and moves the pillows out of the way!)

Ivy was able to sit up in the Playnest straight away, it's snug enough to support her, but big enough of a space inside so that she is doing a lot of the work herself.  I like that I now have somewhere to quickly pop her down when I have to do something for Ethan, but that she can be sitting up.  She's just not happy when I lay her down any more, she's reaching the age when she just wants to look around and see what's going on.  In the Playnest she's able to sit up with support and see what's happening around her at the same time.

The Playnest itself is very bright and colourful, a farm design with different animals all around it.  The horse has a tail that Ivy can grab, the piggy and duck have noses that stick out and make a sound when Ivy squeezes them, and there's a couple of other different textures that can be explored.  Ivy loves anything crinkly, so her favourite toy is the little dog (that she's playing with in the photo above).  We've only had the Playnest for a little while, but it's already become such an asset and I would highly recommend it for babies around Ivy's age.

* This is a review post, we were given the Playnest from Galt Toys so that we could try it out and write an honest review. It also contains affiliate links.  For more about our review process, please click here *

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  1. We absolutely loved our Galt playnest! I also liked that there's enough space for a few toys as well.

    1. It is so fantastic, I can't believe that we didn't have one for Ethan! I actually don't think that I gushed enough in this review, I love it even more now. It's such a safe little place to sit Ivy when I need to put her down quickly, and I think that it really helped her to learn to sit on her own as well. I still put her in there though, with a few toys to keep her occupied :)


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