5 months old

Simple Tummy Time Mat


Now that Ethan has started nursery, I've been able to take Ivy to a few different baby classes.  I take her to a lovely music class and to Gymboree.  She absolutely loves both classes, I think that she's just very excited to be going to activities that are just for her, and to be able to see other babies her age.  She's also at such a great age, since learning to roll over she is enjoying tummy time more and she's trying to sit up on her own more as well.  I've picked up lots of great tips, and been reminded of many things that I did with Ethan when he was 5 months old.  When we went to Gymboree for the first time last week Ivy had her longest tummy time session yet, she was so happy to be face to face with all of the other babies and have her senses stimulated by all of the different equipment.

Some of the things, like a large baby safe mirror on the floor or fibre optic lights are fantastic, but not things that are easy to try around the house.  However, one of their brilliant ideas that Ivy loved and that we could easily get to use at home, was to have a foil emergency blanket under the babies on their tummies.  They are very easy to find and quite inexpensive as well.  Ivy loves anything crinkly, so it's perfect for her to happily grab and squeeze noisily while she's on her tummy.  She is completely distracted by it and seems to forget that she's even on her tummy, it's an incredible material (I see future craft projects using it in our future too!) and she just loves to play with it.  Her neck muscles have become so strong, she's much steadier when sitting now as well, I don't think that sitting unaided will be far off!

Obviously this material isn't intended for use by babies, because of safety risks, so please do keep a close eye on your little ones when using it.

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