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Siblings - July


Ever since Ivy was born, Ethan has been completely in love with his little sister.  It is wonderful to now see how much Ivy returns that love.  Whenever Ethan comes into the room or comes home, she's the first one who he greets.  When Ivy started to giggle, it was at her big brother's antics.  I love their love, so I've decided to join in with a lovely photo project across a number of different blogs called 'Siblings - A Family Portrait Project', so I can record their monthly moments of playing and learning together.  Even though I don't tend to share photos of their faces, it will be a challenge, so be prepared for lots of kissy faces hiding each other! Here is my photo for July, of Ethan giving Ivy kisses, and playing with her, showing her the toys on her new baby seat.

I'm feeling sad now that I didn't join in on all the months since Ivy was born, so I'm taking a look back at previous months as well...

In February when Ethan first met his new baby sister:

In March when Ethan decided that wherever Ivy was, he would be too, including on her play gym with her:

In April when Ivy was having some tummy time and Ethan decided to join her, to show her how it's done, and of course to give her a little kiss:

In May after Ivy went for her first swim, when she fell asleep on the deck chair and Ethan gave her a kiss:

And in June when they were reading a book together:

dear beautiful

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  1. Aww, so lovely to have a little look through their relationship so far. He seems like such a loving big brother, what a lucky girl!
    So glad to have you joining in with us, welcome to the Siblings project. x

    1. Thanks for having a look, it's such a lovely project, I am really glad to be taking part :)

  2. Gorgeous photos - I love looking back at photos of my two to see how their relationship has grown over the last three years :)

    1. Thanks :) It is so sweet, and I look forward to watching them continue to bond over the years (although I don't want to rush things!)


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